Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 19 INTERZONE Gallery inaugurates the new exhibition season 2016/2017 with the photo exhibition A T O N A L.

A T O N A L it’s the first Italian exhibition of the group ATONAL Collective, consisting of 6 photographers from origin Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Greek: Alexander ARNILD, Cato LEIN, David NEMAN, Igor PISUK, Jannis TORDHEIM, Lily ZOUMPOULI.

In exhibition, edited by Michele Corleone, 180 photographs in black&white and color, in digital fine art printing.

A T O N A L Collective founded in May 2014, the Atonal`s members are focuses on personal documentary photography and projects including short stories, extended photo essays, and multi-layered projects. “…We find it interesting to mix our works together to find kind of fresh and new energy, to find other levels, connections, the act of surprise stimulates our creativity. As a collective, we support each other, looking for Competitions, grants, share ideas inspire ourselves…”

Catalog: A T O N A L, INTERZONE, b/n – color, english, pp. 130, 25 Euro.

A T O N A L Collective | A T O N A L

curated by Michele Corleone

exhibition 06.10.2016 | 29.10.2016

tuesday – friday, h. 15 – 20

saturday, open by telephone appointment