Children X (Born To Die)

This is my first collage experiments that I produced on March 2015. I collage pictures that I after manipulated with paint, acrylics, ink ,crayons and edit them on Photoshop. I have chosen those specific materials and style of drawing because it is similar to a children’s drawing.This was project based on research I did on the Auschwitz concentration camp experiments on children. The concept of the project was that these children have died so young that they didn’t even have time to live. Therefore, they remained forever children. Although they changed so much due to the hard circumstances they had to live in. Also, from the experiments that the German doctors put them through. Considering this, I glue the images of the children on Radiograms of my own ovaries wanting to emphasise on the fact that these children died almost as soon as they were born. As they were brought to the world just to die. The butterflies are also depicting early death but mostly the transformation they went through in the concentration camps.

Materials used : Radiogram photographs of ovaries photographs from the internet, acrylics, inks, crayons, photoshop editing.

The Burnt Reconstructed Family Album

“Destruction is a form of creation”. A quote taken from “Donni Darko” film, made by Richard Kelly. Distorted marks of time are what’ s left from a fragile era. When we are still too young to remain untouched by the world surrounding us. Our naked eyes observe relations turn into ruins, affecting our sight. Disforming the sense of home. Leaving us nowhere. Along the way we managed to find each other. Reconstruct our own notion of intimacy. Distance ourselves from the past. Burning down its recordings of existence. Turning anamnesis into ashes. This piece is a series of collages, created out of photographs, which I have produced during 2011-2014. The kind of photography I do is personal documentation.These photographs depict my close environment and people within it. The collage work portrays an emotional disfiguration created by past sensibilities.The concept of the reconstructed family album comments on the tendency of people to shape their own version of family through other types of relationships. Finally, the act of burning expresses the attempt of liberating ones self from prior traumas.