A showreel of some of my video works.

Under Their Skin

A short documentary I made in 2017 about the people I photograph and their thoughts considering general and personal matters such as society, self exploration, love, mental illness ect.
A visual narrative that presents a minority of a generation.The exceptions.

London , United Kingdom 2017


Polymorphism -Imago- 2015

This work is a combination of three different videos along with a sound piece I made. It can be presented as an installation or as a film that brings all parts together.The title of the project is “Polymorphism”. Its definition is being used in multiple fields ,one of them is Biology. “Many types of polymorphism can be seen in the insectorder Lepidoptera. Polymorphism is appearance of forms or “morphs” differing in colour and number of attributes within a single species.” The sub-titles of the videos are the latin terms for a lepidopterous circle of life. First is the egg, which is the space that the film will be installed. Second is “Larvae”, and then it is “Pupa”. The final stage is called “Imago”. My project theme is about transformation, emphasising on the impact the procedure of transition leaves on us. Symbolising the stages of a butterfly’ s or a moth’ s life with the incident of going through an intense period of constant change that may create feelings such as suffocation, chaos, instability, insecurity, fear. But also, the sense of beauty and excitement for the unknown, the unexpected. Through these experience we are discovering different forms of ourselves. That is the reason why I considered the video “Pupa” the most essential stage. It focuses on the case of metastasis, when we realise that the way we are constructed allows us to have one core but that core is being made by many different sides of ourselves. These sides are revealing themselves all the way through our existence. My goal was to create a ”trippy’ ‘ sense  that would allow the viewer to embrace the film’ s concept. London , United Kingdom 2014

Bloody Cyan Gowns

“Bloody Cyan Gowns” is a group project created by Sebastian Emil Ries Lloyd, Lachlan Mackenzie, Lily Zoumpouli, Abi Raffell, Petya Tomova, that has based its narrative on a theme, binocular colour rivalry.

This is a technic mostly experimented with in the domain of science, when one image is presented to one eye a very different image is presented to the other. This is achieved through different image tonality and through the use of cyan and red 3D Glasses. So we though it would be interesting to work with such an unexplored area within in the domain of film. To our knowledge this has never been used in film. This technique has been widely used in still image. Although it is quiet widely used it still remains as a fairly unknown technique.

Through this binocular rivalry we decided to incorporate Bipolar Disorder. This through the use or red and cyan multiple exposures, in order to disrupt this continuous narrative we see in most media texts nowadays. So thus, through red and cyan we are inviting the viewer to deconstruct the narrative of the movie.

We experimented with various technics form the brief, which influenced most of the construction of our footage. Just as each individual of our group has personally affected the outcome of this movie.

This project was made in London, United Kingdom 2015.

Οιωνός -Omen 


This video is a conceptual work that comments on society by using symbolism. It presents a horse, a girl that is petting the horse, as well as dragging it by its chains, with short stills of a bird-corpse being manipulated by hands of people in between. The title of my project is “ Οιωνός “, the Greek word for omen, which, in this case, is represented by a bird as the messenger of a prophesy. The bird in the video that is supposed to bring a prophecy to the world, is being eaten by the horse. As if it means there is no future. The horse symbolises everything wild and pure.Something that is meant to be free but people felt that they needed to tame and use for their own advantage. The dead bird is symbolising freedom being murder in the hands of people. The right of freedom being devoured. The masses eating themselves away. The funeral of the world being established by its own children. Therefore, the absence of colour. Regarding the girls her gestures can be understood as empathy towards the horse and its symbolic presence. Creating a kind of relation between them. Demonstrating the way people should appreciate certain values such as nature and freedom. The soundtrack was made by the use of repeated sounds in order to resemble the feeling of routine. The breathing noise is meant to remind the sound of inhaling machines they use in hospitals, as a sign of being suffocated. The film was made to be quite simple but to give a strong message. A scream within a whisper.Thessaloniki, Greece 2014

Lost Tranmissions Slideshow

Lost Transmissions Volume II

This is a photography slideshow, accompanied with a sound piece I made for it, in 2020.

A visual narrative of moments I capture ,through the years of 2010 till 2020.
A project about the familiar strangers I met along the way , who became my friends or my partners or strangers once again. It’s about the connection we create with people who come and go in and out of our life.Their stories and our stories, the parts of us that we shared. About self exploration, finding oneself through the people and the places surrounding you. The emotions we gather from experiencing life.The beast within us as well as the beauty. Memories that made us who we are, recreating themselves. A world within us as well as the world we created for us. A parallel universe .
Lost transmissions form another frequency, another place where we exists.

Summer Dream 2020

This is a short video made during the summer of 2020.
It’s a poetic fantasy tale, a collage of videos music and text. A trip that brings backs memories of a summer dream.

We Are All Made Of Stardust

This is a short video I made back in 2013 in London, United Kingdom and re edited in 2019. It’s a visual narrative that involves both staged and documentary video footage, exploring ideas, feelings but mostly often philosophical questions we have as humans about our existence, life and reality.


Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 17.48.06 1.png

This is a video I originally made on my first year in University in 2014 and I revisited 
this year 2017 combining it with the wonderful music of Alex Burey. 
You can listen more of his works on youtube.
Special thank to everyone who helped make this video and participated.
I don’t own the copyrights of the whale footage-was found in youtube from unknown director.


This film was originally made as a university project in 2013 and was re edited in 2019.
It’s a short video about personal experiences and thoughts about sleep.
Featuring my first electronic track.

Dancing Bodies Under Sea

This is a GoPro video that was taken in the summer of 2017 in Crete, Greece.
Its aim is to capture the sense of freedom we experience when diving under water into the infinite unknown.

Discolouration Slideshow

Us Walking By The Seaside 2011

Through this video I attempted to present my photography body of work all together. Emphasising on the editing and image combination.

Time Is Flying Away 


My projects theme is about the passing of time.
The emotional and physical distortion we experience while we are getting older, while time is passing, every second that goes by.
Forming a dialogue between past and present.
Mirroring the inner and outer deformation of ones self in the process of growing older.
Addressing at the same time matters of my generation. A generation that is pulling away from its own self. Left alone wondering .
Trying to find what they are actually looking for. Fading slowly into an abyss.
Our dreams are what the advertisements, social media, celebrities, and Hollywood promotes them to be.
Demonstrating what are needs and life goals should be .
Everything apart from self-fulfilment. Everything apart from achieving something meaningful rather than rich, fame, good looks and mass consumption of nonessential products.
We are part of the generation x.
The sense of lost cause, the desperation of having nothing to care enough in order to fight for.
The loss of purpose.

The Burnt Reconstructed Family Album

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 23.45.40.png

“Destruction is a form of creation”. A quote taken from “Donnie Darko” film, made by Richard Kelly.
Distorted marks of time are what’ s left from a fragile era. When we are still too young to remain untouched by the world surrounding us.
Our naked eyes observe relations turn into ruins, affecting our sight.
Disforming the sense of home. Leaving us nowhere.
Along the way we managed to find each other. Reconstruct our own notion of intimacy. Distance ourselves from the past.
Burning down its recordings of existence. Turning anamnesis into ashes.
This piece is a video work, presenting a series of collages, created out of photographs, which I have produced during 2011-2014.
The kind of photography I do is personal documentation.
These photographs depict my close environment and people within it.
The collage work portrays an emotional disfiguration created by past sensibilities. The concept of the reconstructed family album comments on the tendency of people to shape their own version of family through other types of relationships. Finally, the act of burning expresses the attempt of liberating ones self from prior traumas.