Photographs taken from my film project entitled “Polymorphism”2015 

This work is a selection of photographs taken from the video project entitled “Polymorphism”.The title of the project is “Polymorphism”.Its definition is being used in multiple fields, one of them is Biology.“Many types of polymorphism can be seen in the insect order Lepidoptera. Polymorphism is appearance of forms or “morphs” differing in colour and number of attributes within a single species.”The sub-titles of the videos are the latin terms for a lepidopterous circle of life.First is the egg, which is the space that Second is “Larvae”, and then it is “Pupa”. The final stage is called “Imago”. My project theme is about transformation, emphasising on the impact the procedure of transition leaves on us. Symbolising the stages of a butterfly’ s or a moth’s life with the incident of going through an intense period of constant change that may create feelings such as suffocation, chaos, instability, insecurity, fear. But also, the sense of beauty and excitement for the unknown, the unexpected. Through these experience we are discovering different forms of ourselves. That is the reason why I considered the video “Pupa” the most essential stage. It focuses on the case of metastasis, when we realise that the way we are constructed allows us to have one core but that core is being made by many different sides of ourselves. These sides are revealing themselves all the way through our existence.

Models Name :

Joana Bravo Martins

Polymorphism -Imago- 2015
Polymorphism -Lavrae- 2015