Circus Home 2012
Night Scene 2013
In Bloom 2013
Us In The Mist 2013
Evi’s Arms 2013
One Night Rooms 2012
Afternoon Kiss 2013
Just Kids 2010
Self PortRait 18 Years Old 2011
Capturing glances of the moments that passed us by, in times when we were
maybe too young to realise that they weren’t there to stay until eternity
would have torn us apart.
But still old enough to know they were worth noticing.
The need for a way of connecting through a medium with my own feelings and
surroundings became the catalyst of this works existence.
Each photograph has a background story that carries on its shoulders the reason
for its own memory.
The distance that separates us from our subject is the one that needs to be walked, in order
to find the reflection of our inner selves and others
combined into one image, forming a mixture of selves.
A connection being conceived within a captivating atmosphere that was inspired by the
desire of transferring into another reality, forming a duality through the final outcome of the
The intense element of nude is depicting the return to an innocent comfort of being bare
naked, but mostly of being pure towards yourself and towards the observer- displaying a self
and its shadows.
Every so often there are staged moments representing a personal dive within every part that
belongs to a past or a present, trying to be revealed through a newborn subject so to keep on
recreating itself.
An autobiographical documentary combined with allegorical aspects give a sense of
spontaneity along with the subconscious, and slowly take over during the process of
discovering a world out and within our own individuality.
Through this body of work I aim to capture moments of self -exploration. Anthropology,
psychology, poetry, symbolism, intimacy and memories, all these are subjects that this
project examines.
As well as , people’ s relations with themselves, with others, with the environments
surrounding them and with notions such as time ,change, death and life.

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