Commissioned Work

Worked On This Project as Videographer and Photographer

Location : Athens, Greece 2020

Introducing Sardanapalus collection Collaboration with “Young Boy Dancing Group” @youngboydancinggroup_ 

💥YBDG created an intimate structured improvisation of the collective observing the YBDG wearing Sardanapalus Collection I.

Starting: @youngboydancinggroup_ 
Performers: @manu_anima @nicaxroses @dotasita@cc0cc___ @valentintszin 
Film: @wonderbeth10 @lily_zoumpouli 
Music: @kristapapista 
Post production: @vkatslife 
Graphics: @triplevirgo___ 
Special thanks: @sevitzivara 
@irogribusy @jenkinvanzyl 

My Photographs For Sardanapalus Collection I

In Collaboration With “Young Boys Dancing Group”