Commissioned Video Projects

Introducing Sardanapalus collection Collaboration with “Young Boy Dancing Group” @youngboydancinggroup_ 

💥YBDG created an intimate structured improvisation of the collective observing the YBDG wearing Sardanapalus Collection I.

Starting: @youngboydancinggroup_ 
Performers: @manu_anima @nicaxroses @dotasita@cc0cc___ @valentintszin 
Film: @wonderbeth10 @lily_zoumpouli 
Music: @kristapapista 
Post production: @vkatslife 
Graphics: @triplevirgo___ 
Special thanks: @sevitzivara 
@irogribusy @jenkinvanzyl 

Music Video “Now What ? ” by Chasing Bones 2021

Writer & Director Panos Anastasiadis -Shot & Edited Lily Zoumpouli -Art Director Anastasia Constantakou – Acting Roxanne Ntouranidou

Chasing Bone – ‘LiveButWhy?’ Session (feat. Mi.D)

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Konstantinos Iosifidis (Lostinthe). Camera work by Lily Zoumpouli & Anastasia Constantakou. Edited by Lily Zoumpouli. Art Direction by Panos Anastasiadis. ‘Come On You Good People’ and ‘You’re Done / Meine Vision’ are taken from Chasing Bone’s latest album, ‘Now What?’.

“End Of The World” 2021

“End Of The World” Promo Campaign For EcceHomoWear

Art Directors: @pan_the_ecce @stefanos.giotakis 
Video: @lily_zoumpouli
MuA: @imcalledjoanna 
Models: @chika_airi @russian.salad 
Visual Effects & edit: @kostasdoul @lily_zoumpouli

“Serenity Is A Wanderer” 2021
“Serenity Is A Wanderer” 2021 For Eccehomowear Eclipse Collection

Fashion Designer : @the.holy.chalice Art Directors : @lilyzoumpouli @kostasdoul @sotiris_gkatz DOP : @lilyzoumpouli Editor : @lilyzoumpouli. Music : @lilyzoumpoul. MUA : @tekiraa @amadrys. Hairstyle : @braidbar_skg. Models : @nasianna_pol @semagnelof @foteini_taitzogloy @_parhessia_

Promo Video 1
Promo Video 2
Meggie Brown

These are the Promo Videos I Made For Meggie Brown Band Including Clips and Backstage Photographs I Captured From Their Live Gig At Standon Calling Festival 2019 UK.

No Rules Poetry. The Promo Video For Turn 4 The Verse Poetry Event Night

Directed & Editing : Lily Zoumpouli Staring : Chaz John Ross Credits To Duncan John Id

Nigredo – Νυχτερίδες

This is a music videoclip I directed & edited for the greek hip hop band “Nigredo”.
Published on 23 Sep 2018 beat: ΔΣ mix/master: ΔΣ rec:Sedatephobia raps: Atrox, 3πδ, Μοικ, MaryShawvideo footage: MaryShaw, 3πδ, Atrox , Mοικ, Lily Zoumpouli

This is an experimental video presenting UK artist Alex Burey’s songs : Come Greed & Inside World
Successful Fail

“Successful Fail” Is A Film I Directed & Edited To Present Drawing Artist Chris Yamoah, London United Kingdom 2016