“Bloody Cyan Gowns” is a group project created by Sebastian Emil Ries Lloyd, Lachlan Mackenzie, Lily Zoumpouli, Abi Raffell, Petya Tomova, that has based its narrative on a theme, binocular colour rivalry.

This is a technic mostly experimented with in the domain of science, when one image is presented to one eye a very different image is presented to the other. This is achieved through different image tonality and through the use of cyan and red 3D Glasses. So we though it would be interesting to work with such an unexplored area within in the domain of film. To our knowledge this has never been used in film. This technique has been widely used in still image. Although it is quiet widely used it still remains as a fairly unknown technique.

Through this binocular rivalry we decided to incorporate Bipolar Disorder. This through the use or red and cyan multiple exposures, in order to disrupt this continuous narrative we see in most media texts nowadays. So thus, through red and cyan we are inviting the viewer to deconstruct the narrative of the movie.

We experimented with various technics form the brief, which influenced most of the construction of our footage. Just as each individual of our group has personally affected the outcome of this movie.

This project was made in London, United Kingdom 2015.