Check the new photos uploaded from my project entitled “Lost Transmissions Volume I & II”

A visual narrative of moments I captured through the years of 2010 till 2020. Images from different places around the world taken in different times all collaged and mixed together, existing as one, annihilating the concept of time.
Lost Transmissions is a project about the familiar strangers I met along the way , who became my friends or my partners or strangers once again. It’s about the connection we create with people who come and go in and out of our life. Their stories and our stories, the parts of us that we shared. About self exploration, finding oneself through the people and the places surrounding you. The emotions we gather from experiencing life. The beast within us as well as the beauty. Memories that made us who we are, recreating themselves. A world within us as well as the world we created for us. A parallel universe.
Lost transmissions form another frequency, another place where we exists. The project is consists of photography collages and two slideshows ,accompanied with a sound piece I made for them.