Music VideoClip I Directed & Edited

Finally published the videoclip I directed &edited for the greek hip hop band Nigredo ! Hope you enjoy!You can find the video both on my vimeo account & on youtube. Published on 23 Sep 2018 beat: ΔΣ mix/master: ΔΣ rec: Sedatephobia raps: Atrox, 3πδ, Μοικ, MaryShaw video footage: MaryShaw, 3πδ, Atrox,Mοικ,Lily Zoumpouli video editing: […]

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Photography Exhibition In Greece This May 2018

Group Exhibition of my work along with the very talented  Kostis Argyriadis and Tania Kamidou at Stratos Kalafatis in Nerotrivi on “3 Photographers 3 narrations from Thessaloniki” Three particularly talented young photographers from Thessaloniki. Three photographic narratives very different from each other, with great boldness and indiscriminate freedom around the body, sexuality, trauma, difficult to […]

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