My Work In The Museum Of Photography Thessaloniki, Greece

Come See My Work Along With Other Great Young Greek Photographers That Have Taken Part At Athens Photo Fest Young Greek Photographers Over The Last Years , in the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki – Opening on Thursday 18 April !!! Δείτε την δουλεία μου μαζί με άλλων σπουδαίων νέων Έλληνων φωτογράφων που συμμετείχαν στο […]

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My New Short Film “We Are All Made Of Stardust”

My New Short Video“We Are All made Of Stardust”This is a short video I made back in 2013 in London, United Kingdom and re edited in 2019.It’s a visual narrative that involves both staged and documentary video footage, exploring ideas, feelings but mostly often philosophical questions we have as humans about our existence, life and […]

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My Interview With Photologio

My interview With Photologio and its english translation underneath the link. Click the link to view the photos. THIS IS THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF MY INTERVIEW Lily Zoumpouli: “In the end, we are the stories we tell ourselves”   Evi Kafiri 18 Dec 2018 Photologio’s Pick, Interviews “It’s usually, after I’ve taken a picture, […]

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